Street Symphony Programs
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logo-mwamMusic with a Mission

The Midnight Mission, “Music With A Mission”: a monthly program dedicated to Participants of The Midnight Mission’s programs as well as members of the Skid Row community at large.

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The Messiah Project

Initiated by a California Arts Council grant in 2015, the Messiah Project is an annual community sing-along celebration held at The Midnight Mission in Skid Row. This culminating yearly event is presented after a series of free community workshops held throughout Skid Row. The Messiah Project presents excerpts of Handel’s beloved Messiah alongside works commissioned for and created by members of the Skid Row community, with community members as soloists, choristers and participants alongside Street Symphony musicians from the LA Philharmonic, LA Master Chorale and Colburn School.

To volunteer and for more information, please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.

Daniel Chaney Fellows

The Daniel Chaney Fellows Program is a new initiative of Street Symphony, dedicated to exploring “Citizen-Artistry” in Los Angeles and beyond. Daniel Chaney Fellows program received a year of intensive instruction musical performance and the intersection of arts and social justice. Fellows can be members of the Skid Row community, as well as emerging artists graduating from university and conservatory. To learn more about the Daniel Chaney Fellows Program, please contact us at [email protected]

Gerald Alexander, vocalist

Linda Leigh, vocalist

Christina Collier, vocalist

Education Based Incarceration

​Street Symphony ensembles engage male, female, gay and transgender populations in monthly education-based incarceration programs at 5 Los Angeles County jail facilities, including Men’s Central, Twin Towers, Lynwood and Pitchess detention facilities.

Upcoming Events

June: Pitchess Detention Center
July: Pitchess Detention Center
August: Men’s Central Jail
September: Twin Towers Jail
October: Pitchess Detention Center
November: Twin Towers Jail and Pitchess Detention Center

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People​ ​Assisting​ ​the​ ​Homeless (PATH)​

PATH provides permanent supportive housing to formerly homeless individuals in Los Angeles. Street Symphony ensembles deliver intimate, monthly events at a variety of PATH facilities for residents and staff.
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The Weingart Center, “Music for Change”

  • Weekly process group with Weingart Center Association Reentry Program Supervisors and Street Symphony musical facilitators, with participants in reentry from long-term and/or life sentences in California state prisons.
  • Bi-weekly participatory “music labs” are held at Street Symphony’s offices, involving professional instruction and practice.
  • A quarterly presentation of collaborative music-making takes place for Weingart Center participants and staff. (Supported by a Reentry Through the Arts grant from the California Arts Council.)

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logo-mwamThe Colburn School of Music

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