About Street Symphony
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Our Purpose

Today, Skid Row is the epicenter of the homeless capital of the United States. Nearly 20,000 people may sleep on the streets of downtown Los Angeles on any given night. Los Angeles County jails are the largest in America, and are effectively the largest in-patient mental health centers in the world. These communities comprise the audiences of Street Symphony.

In the course of the last 4 years, the distinguished musicians of Street Symphony have presented nearly 200 free, live musical engagements with the Los Angeles community, presenting events in Skid Row, the greater Los Angeles Area and the LA County Jails. They bring jazz. They bring gypsy music. They bring the works of Schumann, Schubert and Mendelssohn. They bring music to lift up the brave stories and voices of people who, although living in an impoverished situation, are in no way impoverished in spirit.

Our Musicians

Street Symphony Instrumentalists

Niv Ashkenazi, Camille Avellano, Jin Shan Dai, Vijay Gupta, Mitchell Newman, Luanne Homzy, Lyndon Taylor, Stacy Wetzel, and Jason Uyeyama, violin

Zach Dellinger, Ben Ullery, Michael Larco, and Leticia Oaks Strong, viola

Dahae Kim, Jacob Braun, Barry Gold, Tao Ni, and Joy Song, cello

David Moore and Will Cravy, bass

David Howard, clarinet

Marion Kuszyk and Anne Marie Gabriele, oboe

Whitney Crockett and Leah Kohn, bassoon

James Wilt,trumpet

Joanne Pearce Martin and Irene Gregorio, keyboard

Nick Stoup, percussion


Trio Dinicu
Los Angeles Brass Quintet

Street Symphony Chamber Singers

Tamara Bevard, Karen Hogle Brown, Shelly Fox, Ayana Haviv, Zanaida Robles, Elyse Willis, soprano

Amy Fogerson, Leslie Inman, Sarah Lynch, Alice Murray, Kristen Toedtman, alto

Matt Brown, Daniel Chaney, Jody Golightly, Tim Gonzales, Charles Lane, Michael Lichtenauer, tenor

Scott Graff, Will Goldman, Scott Lehmkuhl, Ed Levy, Vincent Robles, Mark Edward Smith, bass

Street Symphony Jazz Band

Brandon Bernstein, guitar and director
Mike Scott, guitar
Harry McKenzie, drums
Putter Smith and Blake White, bass
David Sills, saxophone
Pamela Jackson, vocals

Artists in Residence

Vijay Gupta: Founder/Artistic Director, Violin
Reena Esmail: Composer in Residence
Amy Fogerson: Mezzo/Director, Street Symphony Chamber Singers
Dr. Zanaida Robles: Soprano/Music Director, The Messiah Project
Dr. Brandon Bernstein: Jazz guitar/Director, Street Symphony Jazz Ensemble
Mitchell Newman: Violin/Program coordinator, PATH

Board of Directors

Vijay Gupta

Founder/Artistic Director

Adam Crane

Vice President for External Affairs, St. Louis Symphony

Mitchell Newman

Musical Ambassador
Violinist, Los Angeles Philharmonic

Georgia Berkovich

Director of Public Affairs, The Midnight Mission

Advisory Board

Robert Lynch
Elyn Saks
Karen Zorn
Nate Zeisler
Joshua Roman
Brandon Bernstein


Irene Gregorio, Project Manager
Emily Lair, Project Assistant