LA Times: 'The Messiah' from opposite ends of the economic spectrum - Street Symphony
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LA Times: ‘The Messiah’ from opposite ends of the economic spectrum

LA Times: ‘The Messiah’ from opposite ends of the economic spectrum

Los Angeles Times reviewer Mark Swed writes about the 2016 Messiah Project:

Only a few excerpts of “Messiah” were given. Tenor Don Garza, a Desert Storm combat veteran who is a longtime skid-row resident, made every word in “Comfort ye” intense. When he got to “that her iniquity is pardoned,” his conviction was such that there were shouts of affirmation from the audience and members of the chorus had to put down their scores to dab their eyes.

That alone made this not only the most relevant “Messiah” in my experience but also the most historically authentic. At the Dublin premiere, a reverend, moved to tears by one of the singers, declaimed for all to hear: “Woman, for this, be all thy sins forgiven.”

Featured image credit: Genaro Molina